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The world is changing

Posted by Graydon Jessup on Jul 31, 2014

Will the current changing world change the way we reach the least reached people groups frm 2014 onward?

July 19, 2014

Posted by Graydon Jessup on Jul 19, 2014

Many events are happening around the world that I think will have impact on the preaching of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. The main events are two: The shooting down of a passanger plane carrying 300 people in the Ukraine. The battle in Southern Israel as Israel responds to the thousands of...

Planting seeds of faith in the lives of folk who have never heard about Jesus, seeds that bear eternal fruit...take work...and prayer!

It is a New Year 2014

Posted by Graydon Jessup on Jan 09, 2014

Excited for the past year, 2013 and looking forward with eager anticipation to 2014!

Amazing works of God

Posted by Graydon Jessup on Dec 09, 2013

So I just returned from an amazing two day meeting with others who also are carrying the Gospel to the least reached people groups on the planet. I wish I could tell you everything that is happening and where it is happening in the world...all to the glory of the Lord! Part of the meetings was...

Thanksgiving 2013

Posted by Graydon Jessup on Nov 27, 2013

May your Thanksgiving 2013 be over the top. We here at Heart and Soul90, know that there are many people around the world who do not know a thing about "the American Thanksgiving". But because of you the people of the world sure do know about "thanksgiving" in Jesus Christ. Through...

Many thanks to all who wished me a Happy Birthday. If this is your first time on our blog give it a look and then sign on for the weekly vimeos.

Welcome Aboard

Posted by Graydon Jessup on Jul 22, 2013

The Heart and Soul90 Community welcomes you to reveiw this current web site. Our objective is to help those who are reaching the "least reached" on the planet...for the story of Jesus Christ!

"Tough Stuff" is a phrase you usually do not discover in mission literature. But it is a reality...especially when you are serving least reached people groups.

Connected to the world!

Posted by Graydon Jessup on Jun 10, 2013

Amazing how connected we are...all over the world.


Through prayer and finances, Heart and Soul90 supports the training and sending of men and women to plant multiplying churches among the most difficult, least reached people groups around the world.