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Posted by Graydon Jessup on Jun 24, 2013

"Tough Stuff!" Some mission efforts, not all, but some, require a very different approach. This is especially true with least reached people groups. There are specific reasons why certain people groups are not reached: political; religious fanaticism; isolation. These three are not the only reasons, but they are huge in terms of access and preaching and teaching Jesus Christ. So what can be done to get the Gospel to these people who have never heard? This is not the only way but it is a very good and specific way. People of neighboring people groups who are able to navigate in the unreached people group language such as a trade language, and who are sympathetic to the Gospel and who have received Jesus Christ themselves, are the ones being trained and released to carry the Gospel story into the "closed countries"! You and I may never be able to enter such limited access areas. But neighbors such as receptive people groups near by are able to move back and forth freely. Such movement is not always available, but when it is the Gospel is carried into the hearts of people who have never heard. And once again the "gates of hell do not prevail" as men and women, boys and girls, receive Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior. Carrying the Gospel can be "tough stuff"!!!


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