Amazing works of God

Posted by Graydon Jessup on Dec 09, 2013

So I just returned from an amazing two day meeting with others who also are carrying the Gospel to the least reached people groups on the planet. I wish I could tell you everything that is happening and where it is happening in the world...all to the glory of the Lord! Part of the meetings was making sure that the cover was not blown for so many who are on the front lines, but who are working under the radar scope. Just let me report that thousands are coming to faith and the world has no clue...but the Lord who sees all and knows all...knows and sees! I wish I could be open and bold in telling you so much, but in the current world situation that is impossible for many who are faithfully serving the Lord in the most difficult of circumstances. Your prayers and your support are vital as the Gospel is carried from house to house, people group to people group, nation to nation! "Thank You Lord for the time in which we see Your Mighty Hand at work all over the world!"


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