July 19, 2014

Posted by Graydon Jessup on Jul 19, 2014

Many events are happening around the world that I think will have impact on the preaching of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. The main events are two:

  • The shooting down of a passanger plane carrying 300 people in the Ukraine.
  • The battle in Southern Israel as Israel responds to the thousands of rockets fired into Southern Israel by Hamas...out of Gaza.

Certainly there are other world events that are bubbling under the surface of worldwide humanity...but the two above are by far, the most visible. So, what does that mean for the preaching of the Gospel to least reached people groups?

  • Travel could be limited and or restricted
  • Certain geographical areas on the planet might become even more "off limits" to Believers
  • Christians world wide could come under persecution
  • Church properties- buildings, schools, hospitals, etc., could be confiscated

When we observe the "world problems" in Acts we notice that the Gospel expanded exponentially in very difficult times. When we know the history of the church in China in this last century we see amazing growth under incredible difficulty and persecution. Difficulties only enhance the preachin and teaching of the Gospel. Followers of Jesus come to realize that following Jesus is not just "fun and games" but something that is real...especially as we understand the implications of persecution!

Heart and Soul90 is committed to preaching and teaching the Gospel to least reached people groups. We know that will be done many different ways...but our direction is to train nationals who can then train nationals who can then go where we could never travel! Thanks for your partnership in this worldwide effort! Every "little step" is progress in the right direction. May the Peace of Jesus reside on you and in you this very day!


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