Letting grass grow under our feet!

Posted by Graydon Jessup on Jan 13, 2014

You all have heard the expression: "Don't let any grass grow under your feet!" Usually that meant, "get with it;" don't sit around; move!

I would like to suggest that sometimes we need to let the grass grow! If grass is going to grow and last you need to prepare the soil, plant the seed, keep the dogs and kids off of the plot after the planting and give sufficient time for the seeds to take root and grow some grass! Likewise in working with least reached people groups! Preparation, protection and lots and lots of prayer...all working together have a greater chance of producing spiritual fruit that lasts...in other words, grass that makes it and is a place of beauty!

For sure we will be engaged and not sit around doing nothing. But we also realize that growth that lasts takes some time...and we'll take the time to see lasting, eternal fruit  born in the lives of those who have never heard about Jesus Christ!

You can help in this eternal project! Introduce a friend, a church group, a mission committee or parachurch organization to: www.heartandsoul90.com. As they learn from the web site how they can be a part of this story more people will become a part of the Heart and Soul90 community! And more people who have never heard about Jesus...will hear! Eternity will be changed forever by those who hear and believe! It is so easy to become a part of the solution...and the story! Do so right now! May God's blessings rest on you for taking action today!


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