Spring at last!

Posted by Graydon Jessup on Apr 26, 2013

We have been waiting...a little longer than usual for "spring...to spring"!!! And this weekend spring arrived in all of her warmth and glory! We think (at least we hope) we are done with the snow here in Colorado for this spring of 2013! And with this new day comes the renewed energy and life to see that the Gospel is preached all over the world...to the least reached people groups on the planet! You can be a part of this story by signing on with the Heart and Soul90 community. See what is happening each week as you receive a weekly email where you can enter into a prayer time for people groups who have never heard the Story of Jesus Christ! Some least reached people groups have been waiting a long time to hear the Story...just like we waited a long time for spring to come. Once they hear, they blossom and produce fruit all in the Name of Jesus Christ. You can be a part of that story by signing on to the Heart and Soul90 website and receiving the news of those who have never heard...yet! But, we believe that spring is coming to their lives in Jesus! Join us in the march!!!


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Through prayer and finances, Heart and Soul90 supports the training and sending of men and women to plant multiplying churches among the most difficult, least reached people groups around the world.