Questions and Answers

How did HEART AND SOUL90 begin?

HEART AND SOUL90 began as an answer to prayer. A group of believers committed to seeing Jesus shared among the most difficult, least reached people groups around the world. These people came together with the simple, strategic idea of inviting others to join them in praying 90 seconds a day and giving 90 cents a day for the spreading of the Gospel of Jesus Christ in and among those least reached people groups.


How does HEART AND SOUL90 work?

Simple! People are invited to make a commitment for 365 days – one year – to pray for 90 seconds a day and to give 90 cents a day. That is it.


Pray...90 seconds each day?

Yes. The HEART AND SOUL90 community focuses prayer in these three areas:

  1. A particular least reached people group
  2. A specific missionary or mission organization
  3. Praying a certain passage of scripture


On Monday morning of each week you will receive a message from HEART AND SOUL90 in your mailbox- email, cell phone, iPad, etc. In that very brief weekly message you will receive a featured 90 second prayer through our website by one of our HEART AND SOUL90 community members. The model prayer will include the week's prayer points and will give you a sense of direction for the daily 90 second prayers offered that week. For the next six days the HEART AND SOUL90 community will be focusing their prayers, intentionally, on the prayer points and whatever else God puts on their hearts in that prayer time.


If I choose to give 90 cents a day, what does that total for a year?

If you give 90 cents a day, after 365 days you would have given $328.50 towards the sharing of the Gospel of Jesus Christ with a least reached people group.


How does 90 cents a day work?

People who choose to make a commitment to give 90 cents a day can fulfill their commitment a couple different ways. Some might opt to make a one-time gift for the year of $328.50. Some could possibly choose to give $82.12 quarterly. Others might elect to give a monthly gift of $27.37.

Our website handles financial gifts that are made via PayPal, a variety of credit cards, bank withdrawals or if you prefer, a physical check mailed to our mailing address.


If you had to summarize the HEART AND SOUL90 mission in a couple of main points what would they be?

We are an online community of believers from many walks of life who live all over the world but who have this in common: We believe God is Who He says He is and that the story and truth of Jesus Christ, His one and only Son, deserves to be heard by every person on the planet!

HEART AND SOUL90 invites people (individuals, families, groups of friends, churches, para church organizations, anyone actually) to join in praying for 90 seconds a day and giving 90 cents a day for 365 days.

If at the end of a year you would like to continue participating in the HEART AND SOUL90 community, great! If you feel led in another direction, may God bless you. We will always be so thankful for the time you spent with the HEART AND SOUL90 community!


That is it?

Yes, that is it!





How can I get started?

Go to the top of the page (or our home page) and click "join." It is very easy to sign up and become part of the HEART AND SOUL90 community. All we ask is that you first take time to pray and ask God if this is a step He would like you to make. We take our commitments of prayer and giving seriously and we want each person – or family – who joins us to make such a commitment after praying first. Once you have prayed, if it is your heart to join us by all means sign up! We are so glad to have you on the journey with us...each step of the way!

So, once I join then I simply need to plan on stopping by the website (actually we will send all of the HEART AND SOUL90 community a note in their social media network each Monday AM) on a weekly basis?

That is right. As mentioned in the question we will send a weekly reminder to your email address and if you join our Facebook page or Twitter feed you will receive a weekly update there as well.


More on Heart and Soul90:

For mission organizations, churches, pastors or mission boards, or anyone else who simply wants to know other features of HEART AND SOUL90 

We are a mission organization (or a local church, etc.) and we already have a mission program established. We like what we see and hear in HEART AND SOUL90. We would like our team members (or our congregation) to join the HEART AND SOUL90 community for prayer involvement and the opportunity to partner in this opportunity God has opened up. Is there a way we as a ministry (church, etc.) can partner with HEART AND SOUL90?


Yes, if you would like your entire ministry – or church – to join the HEART AND SOUL90 community, there are a couple of ways for that to happen.

FIRST, you can simply encourage each person (family) in your mission or church to join on his or her own. Go to our Home Page and click on "join". It is very easy to sign up and become part of the HEART AND SOUL90 community.

SECOND, if, however, you would rather make it more of a "corporate" joining together with the HEART AND SOUL90 community, here is what we would suggest:

We ask that before people join as a corporate group they be made aware of what HEART AND SOUL90 does, and that they then be encouraged to pray and ask God if this is something He would have for them to do over the next 365 days. 

What are the benefits of encouraging our church or mission organization to join the HEART AND SOUL90 community?

The greatest benefit by far is that it encourages people to get intentional and strategic with their prayers. It fosters a keen awareness of how great the needs of sharing the Gospel really are.

Close to 40% of the world's population has never heard the truth about Jesus Christ.


Another major benefit is that the church develops a deep awareness of God's heart and love for the most difficult least reached people groups.

Too often believers feel overwhelmed with the sheer numbers alone (i.e., over two billion people have not heard the Gospel story) and with what seems like truly meager efforts on our part. The vision behind HEART AND SOUL90 is to invite people along for the adventure of partnering with God, via His Word, and with other believers from around the world in a very do-able, interactive, impactful effort for a specific amount of time – 365 days – for a specific amount of time each day – 90 seconds – and for a specific amount of money – 90 cents a day!

90 seconds and 90 cents may seem insignificant; but when brought together with all the other HEART AND SOUL90 community's daily offering of prayers and finances, it actually becomes a powerful tool for the Lord to wield on behalf of His Kingdom.


What do you mean "a powerful tool?"

We mean that taken together, it does not take long for 90 seconds to add up. And it does not take long for 90 cents to make a real difference in sharing the Gospel with those who have never heard in the world's most difficult to reach corners.

For example if HEART AND SOUL90 had 1,000 members in the community this is what would happen:

1,000 members X 90 seconds = 90,000 seconds
90,000 seconds = 1,500 minutes of prayer
1,500 minutes of prayer = 25 hours of prayer...DAILY 

What does this look like when the HEART AND SOUL90 community has 10,000 members?

10,000 members X 90 seconds = 900,000 seconds 900,000 seconds = 15,000 minutes of prayer 15,000 minutes of prayer = 250 hours of prayer...DAILY

Hard to realize isn't it? That is 250 hours of prayer...DAILY!!!

That is what we mean when we say the HEART AND SOUL90 community is a POWERFUL TOOL in the hands of an awesome God!


We believe God can and will use 250 hours of prayer daily, heartfelt, intentional prayer, to continue to complete the task of letting each person on earth hear the truth about Jesus Christ!


"We want YOU with us – Every people group. Every city. Every story. Every step of the way!"

Through prayer and finances, Heart and Soul90 supports the training and sending of men and women to plant multiplying churches among the most difficult, least reached people groups around the world.